A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Cleaning up

DrSeudo: I wasn't sure before about whether God hated me, but now I'm almost positive.
Me: were you afflicted with a pox?
DrSeudo: No, but my green shirt was.
Me: mmmm .. pustules on a shirt... goooody
DrSeudo: Y'know, like in Shakespeare: "A plague o' both your green shirts!"
DrSeudo: Except not.
Me: So god afflicted your shirt with a sticky, horribly disease like thing to prove to you that you're evil, wrong and bad....
DrSeudo: Bingo.
DrSeudo: Therefore, I'm giving up my worldly goods & devoting my life to spreading the Word of Christ.
Me: Christ. being short for Christopher... right?
Some dude ya met who's kinda cool, if warped...
DrSeudo: Yup. That Chris has some ego problem, but I kinda conscripted my soul to him, so I'm pretty much stuck.
Me: couldn't you buy it back offa him....
DrSeudo: Lemme see... I got 12 bucks. I don't think that's gonna cut it.
Me: I could bribe him with stuff.
DrSeudo: Gee, that's awful nice of you. I think his favorite ice cream flavor is Cherry Garcia.
Me: .... how the hell do I send people ice cream?
DrSeudo: Western Union. Duh!
DrSeudo: ...oh wait, that's money.
DrSeudo: Nevermind.
Me: hmmm.... that's a good idea though.
Me: Western Union should start an ice cream delivery service.
DrSeudo: I'll write them a letter.
Me: I am impressed with your gotoitiveness.
DrSeudo: Just think: "Western Union: For when it absolutely, positively has to be there, and it can't get melt and get all over your shirt and stuff."

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