A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I think I'm officially bored.

Still can't get ut to load right.
thinking about loading up quake3 even though I never really dug it (and what the hell is the point of quake3 if you're on dial up? hmmmm?) But I'm strangely wired.
Because I know I only have a lil left in "Mall" (by Eric Bogosian) and I don't want to read it yet.
I'm hoping someone will pop back up online.
yes. someone in particular.
hmmm.. I'm wondering if that's a good thing though.
because, well.. yeah .. I talk to him all the time and really gad damned dig it.. but I don't know if it's "wise" to do, ya know?
Because.. attachments get strange.
I don't know. Just some more of my emotional crap trying to bury myself in the sand.

and I'm very very scattered.
Have been all day.
Talked to andres for a good long while though. That was interesting. Even though we didn't really do that whole.. simultaneous talking thing that we usually do.
that was probably because I was scattered, and he was annoyed I think.
did this really interesting birth chart thing with andres, mistah lovah lovah and I'll have to do one with jason too now that I think about it... hmmmm..
signed up for earthlink.
gotta cancel the other isp though and I don't feel like calling and dealing with them tonight. besides, they're gonna wonder why I don't sound like an older man.
I could always fake it.
I might be able to sound like a man if I tried.
talked to dan today.
gave him the whole sean story.
took his keys away from him before I told him.
I know him too well.
i thought *he* was gonna beat me up just to get to his keys..
why is it....
you tell someone about an altercation, scuffle, so forth, they immediately want to flow into it and kick ass... but if you come back to them a week later, they're all mellow and complacent about it.
if you are so sure of yourself that you're willing to run off and beat the crap out of someone, wouldn't you still be utterly willing a week later? I would think you'd be MORE willing because you've now had a week to stew.

I dunno.
I just can't stand having these people jump to 'defend my honor'
it's bullshit.

so yeah .. that's basically it. ladee frickin da... right?

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