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So I'm sitting here.
bored off my ass.
I'm awake.
I'm lucid.
I don't have any real pressing need to talk to anyone.
But neither am I feeling closed off.
I'm at this weird median place.

is this what people call normal?

I really do think it's only because I spent a very large portion of the day hunched in front of the screen here killing people with lil fingerclicks.
I just wish there had been other people in the room that I could have screamed around.
or not had to listen to the game on headphones.
blasting the sound.
... that would have been ideal.
cathartic as all hell, getting into a rage that you know will never be released on the wrong creature. Because it's all just graphics in there.
pixilated lil people with big muscles and machine guns who can jump way too high and just love death.
good stuff.

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