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I think I'm having a flexeril hangover.
I slept a really damned long time... from about 5 til one this afternoon.
I don't usually sleep that long.
I'm very out of it
But I had some fucked up dreams.
I've been dreaming a lot lately.
I'm... hmm.. I'm at a loss with most of them. Really. yes, I know.. ME .. nothing to say.
but it's true.

I think I should repost my post about the pills.
pills pills pills.
it's so very true.

So the ex deleted his journal.
Haven't really talked to him in a couple days I think.. I dunno.. i don't have any sense of time at the moment...
I didn't expect him to keep it.
I didn't expect him to start one in the fist place, actually.. so I guess him doing so made me more hopeful than I had a right to be.

ah well... just more sheet, ya know?


Jun. 28th, 2001 01:11 pm (UTC)
Re: inquiring minds, wanna know
nah. I haven't made a protected entry in awhile.
And the last one I made... I told you all about...
You don't want my dreams in detail.
really you don't.
They're disturbed.
One the other day was a drawn out thing with a dark painted clown in a slow motion strobe.. like a search light randomly passing... searching but not for this...
just standing over me.. leaning over me.. laughing.
Clown isn't the right word...
melting make up.. harlequinn maybe.
laughing and growling and moaning and howling and purring and clawing and ...

my head still isn't right.
I think it's a headache.
I think it's just my stupid head.
Jun. 28th, 2001 02:10 pm (UTC)
Re: inquiring minds, wanna know
>Clown isn't the right word...
>melting make up.. harlequinn maybe.
>laughing and growling and moaning and howling >and purring and clawing and ...

well if you want me out of your dreams all you have to do is ask!


ps: sorry aboot the gigglez.. I laugh when I'm anxious.. oh and anxious I am!!! *evil grin*



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