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grrr pointless rant

When I am strung out, giving blowjobs for crank.. begging for a shot...
then MAYBE you can say I have a drug problem.
My occasional use of E..
My weed smoking..
The fact that I will pop a muscle relaxant or two..
a narcotic or two...
every now and again..
Those things do not constitute a 'drug problem'
You can fuck way off if you ever think about stepping up and going to bat for my physical health by telling me to lay off the drugs.
I know what I'm doing.
I know why I'm doing it.
I am not running around ingesting everything that comes my way.
I am not a self destructive creature.
If I am tearing myself down
it's only to rebuild.
new designs.

When you really do feel the need to hang around and tell me how wrong I am...
I really do feel the need to stop listening.

Either you take me as I am... pill poppin, bowl smokin, lil freak ass that I am... or you step.
I'm really sick of the crap.
And I'm really sick of just being nice about it.

On a completely different note, vicodin doesn't really get rid of my headache, it just really makes me stop caring about it.

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