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Grins like to split my face

I'm spaced hardcore on the vicodin.
but I'm in such a good mood now.
I might just take another.
or a flexeril
because well, I don't do it often enough for it to get built up.
So I don't get used to it.
So I'm still a lightweight
I don't think I'd like it any other way.

gonna have to head up north when I have green again.
Get drugged up by mister flirty.
have an animal noise contest, fallin all over the place giggling.

I'm also gonna have to get out west for the long talk over coffee. The goofin off around gasworks. The smokin out and goofy makin.
And finally meeting the poor lil rich girl... takin her out to denny's... smokin her out too.. because that I just have to SEE.

I guess while I'm upnorth though I should buzz NY and maybe NJ.. see the peculier crew and Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave and maybe Lemur Boy...

And if Alicia out on the west coast would DEIGN to see me, I'd have to have a designer drink with her at a condom emporium or something.
SOMETHING strange.

and ya know...
I'm babbling.
this is just my wish list though.
The west coast is probably my top priority at the moment.
so yeah ..
or maybe some nuetral spot.
maybe somewhere in nebraska.
lots of cornfields.
some lil diner
some no name town.
where we can shock the locals.
and giggle for days.

I get so hopeful and good feeling at 2 am..
too bad that's always gone by 8...

But I rock.
I know because he told me so.
And I am cute.
I know because the other he told me so.

and I'm not even high off my ass. ::shakes her head::: MAKE IT STOP.
well. heh. don't. don't make it stop.

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