A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Leave mine to me ~ Greg Graffin ~ Bad Religion

There are desperate times upon us
There are codes of white and black
Political resentment
And people start to crack
There is hate and opposition
Theres fumbling dialog
Yet you sit there and judge me and you think it makes a difference.

If you think I'm all alone you are foolishly wrong
Theres an entire army
Who blindly follow along
And you happen to be one of them
Believe it or not
Even though you try not to be
We are of the same plague.

The other ways we're taught to fear
Don't even scratch the surface of the problem here
I'm not blind and I'm not scared
So many crucial factors exist out there
And they're but one, and we're but two
And how we come to terms will help us pull through.

Things cannot change too fast
It took us this much time
To reach our current platform
And walk this fragile line
If I thought it'd make a difference
I'd kill myself today
But so many are like me
Lost in the fray

You create your own reality
And leave mine to me
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