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maddening's Journal

A Non-Newtonian Fluid
10 December 1977
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Blah and FEH.

"I'm a little ambitious and I want my wishes. So I got a fictitious Sid Vicious doin' all my dirty dishes" - Peaches

abnormal psychology, absinthe, alexi sayle, amy pohler, amy sedaris, animation, anti-censorship, anti-fcc, art, asian films, ass pennies, b-movies, bass, bill burr, blotter, bluntness, books, brain massaging, british comedy, bulldada, bullshit, caffeine, cameras, christopher walken, classic horror, clive barker, cocktail parasols, coffee, comics, confrontation, cooking, copyright infringement, criminology, crinkle crinkle, cult classics, culture jamming, cynicism, dave mckean, david sedaris, de la guarda, digital photography, dnb, donnie yen, doughty, dr. terrible's house-of-horrible, edward gorey, electronic music, esoterica, etymology, evil dead, experimental photography, experimental writing, exploitation films, first-person shooters, forensic science, free speech, freedonia, french and saunders, graffitti, graphic design, hip hop, history, honesty, hong kong cinema, horror flicks, hunter s. thompson, idiosyncracies, illicit substances, jack dangers, jhonen vasquez, jim jarmush, jim norton, jthm, kids in the hall, korean films, kung fu, literature, lychee liquor, maddening, mayhem, mbm, mike nesmith, mockery, monkey hugs, monkey torture, monty python, movies, mr show, music, nappy headed hoes, negativland, neologism, new york stand up, nicole blackman, noise, o&a, obscure film, office supply stores, opie and anthony, outsider art, patrice o'neal, paul calf, photography, polanski, pookas, probably not you, propaganda, psychology, red wine, religion, sake, sarcasm, sesquipedalism, shiraz, skepticism, skulking, slack, slanky, snarky, soju, soul coughing, spirituality, spoken word, stand-up, steve coogan, subversion, synaesthesia, thai food, the brothers quay, the upright citizen's brigade, thunderstorms, tom waits, toy cameras, toys, travel, trip-hop, verbosity, vitriol, volume, water guns, william gibson, wine, wong kar-wai